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"Idol-like" Show for Instrumentalists, AMERICA'S HOT MUSICIAN, Begins Production in                        
Spring , 2006

2. Historic Conference to Address Classical Music Culture and the MTV/Hip Hop
Generation Convenes in Washington, DC  AP Daybook Event-Covered by WTTG Fox 5-
Voice of America

3. Controversial Musician Says “Calling Rap Artists Musicians and Rap, Music, is Confusing Kids”

4.REPORT Overview: Major Symphony Orchestras Wrongly Ignore New Paradigm: The Electronic Sampling
Culture of the MTV/Hip Hop Generation


6. "What is the Prognosis for the Future Survival of Traditional American Musical Genre
by the MTV-Hip Hop Generation" by Ava Spece, Executive Director, DC Youth Orchestra Program.

7. American Teacher Magazine  There's a Lesson in the Music by Roger Glass

8. PRNewswire  Noted Jazz Musician Says MTV/Hip Hop Generation May Kill Classical and Jazz
Music Monday September 26, 4:59 am ET

"Idol-like" Show for Instrumentalists, AMERICA'S HOT MUSICIAN, Begins Production in Spring , 2006  

WASHINGTON Feb. 27, 2006 The American Youth Symphony (AYS), an organization in the forefront of music
education and awareness has announced it will produce a television reality talent competition for instrumental
musicians called America's Hot Musician TM.

AYS, whose Plight of American Music Initiative has been promoted in publications such as the American
Teacher, and has been taken up in hundreds of schools nationwide, announced the development of this
television program amid what it calls a "stealth crisis" in  the  MTV/Hip Hop Generation.  This crisis involves the
pervasiveness of sampling and rapping which has deterred interest in instrumental performing and writing in
young people says AYS Artistic Director, Gregory Charles Royal.

Royal who is the creative producer of the show is also a former trombone soloist with the Grammy
Award-winning Duke Ellington Orchestra and performed in the horn sections of the likes of Gladys Knight,
Temptations, Four Tops, Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind and Fire Downbeat Magazine  PRNewswire. He
previously produced a game show pilot which ran in major markets and is the author of the first stage play to
feature a cast of jazz musicians entitled It's a Hardbop Life which debuted at the 2004 New York JVC Jazz

The plans to produce the program were announced at the AYS conference in Washington, DC earlier this
week,  which was covered by WTTG FOX 5 and the Voice of America, and included, in addition to Royal,  a
discussion panel of Travis Bowerman; Washington Performing Arts Society; Ashley Gauthier, media attorney
from US News & World Report; Malcolm Inniss, Radio One; and, Ava Spece, DC Youth Orchestra Program.

The panel discussed several issues  plaguing the future survival of traditional American music genre and the
current development of young audiences.

AYS Executive Director Susan Veres says we feel this program is so important to help bridge the gap between
instrumental performance and a young demographic which might eventually lead to more wide spread interest
in performing and patronage.

AYS, who cleared the program title and format with FreemantleMedia who owns the popular vocal talent show
on FOX, American Idol, will be mounting a similar production with instrumentalists.

A press conference will be held in late April, 2006 to release casting and distribution plans and  to provide an
update on contestants who have already  begun to register for the show through the
website. To learn more about the show visit the website.
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