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Season One Finals  
Real Women
Produced by American Youth Symphony
and Susan Veres & Associates
season one recap
Gregory Charles Royal
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News and
2009 Finalists                             Competition
Season One
Clip to Air on

AHM Season one
Man Hits
Head With
which went
viral on YouTube,
will air on TruTV's
It Only Hurts
When I laugh

aired April 15th.
The Dreamer, sung by Season 4
Canadian Idol finalist
Sarah Loverock.
with AHM instrumental winners
and Joe Lindner, written by
AHM judge
Gregory Charles Royal, was
certified Gold in November 2009. The
song is available on iTunes worldwide

season one individual
instrument winners
Bobby McManus  

Joe Lindner  one man band

Meet Season One Competitors

Musicans from all across America
came to Washington, DC to compete
for a one year recording contract.
Who are they?
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Meet Our  Judges

Marissa, Talena and Greg are a
diverse panel
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Audition Episodes on YouTube
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How Hip was the Musicians'  
Fashion Sense?

Famed retail shop Annie Cream
Cheese gives the critique..
How Did the Musicians Move
and Connect With a Crowd?

Dance Place's Leanne Regan puts
them through the ringer..
Did They Deliver in the Studio?

Talena and the rest of the  judges
see who sounds good in "stereo" .
Did They Impress on  the Screen?
Musicians are judged by Gregory
Charles Royal and the rest of the panel
on their visual appeal in "mini music
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                                                                                        JUST A THOUGHT
  • Many at-risk youth see music as a 'way out' but  EVERYONE CAN'T RAP or SING !. Instrumental stars playing hip hop, pop, etc., and writing songs, offers
    a realistic career option for them.

  • Music tracks of today are made using computerized sounds threatening live music performance by future generations which will affect traditional
    genres like  classical, jazz, rock and rhythm and blues.

  • Most kids CANNOT NAME ONE SOLO  INSTRUMENTALIST and often cite musicians as being rappers and producers further deteriorating traditional
    concepts of what constitutes musical performance and the very definition of the term musician.

  • The social implications of an industry which encourages at-risk youth to compose derogatory negative lyrics could be reversed, in part, by a youth
    culture that celebrated bands with the tightest horn section, the funkiest drummer or the hottest bass line.

by the
AHM Season One last ran in New York on the MNN Network!
in September, 2011. Plans for Season Two will be announced
in the coming months.