The advent of rap and computer-generated music over the past 25 years has made the effort to interest
and educate young people in instrumental music harder than ever. This reality jeopardizes the future of
traditional forms of live music such as classical, rock, jazz, R&B, and country.

America's Hot Musician is a competition which features young INSTRUMENTAL musicians from all over the
country. The competition consists of 12 high quality broadband episodes  beginning in November 2007,
which can be watched directly from our site or downloaded by the public for multiple viewings.

This is a family-oriented program, featuring as judges:
National Symphony Orchestra Principal Second
Marissa Regni, popular metal bassist Talena Atfield and Duke Ellington Orchestra alum
Gregory Charles Royal..

Recruiting Sponsor
       $100 Receive Full Screen Logo Commercial during the show

          Produced and subsidized by American Youth Symphony a 501(c)3 organization.

                           How to Submit Your Sponsorship

Thank you for your support. Here are details on how to submit your sponsorship.

1)Prepare your logo commercial
Your logo commercial should consist of your school logo and your ad or message, website and/or phone
number if desired. JPEG formats preferred in any size 4:3 aspect ratio (for tv) with high resolution minimum
compression.. Email your artwork and questions to

2) Mail your Sponsorship check in the amount of $100.00 to American Youth Symphony
507 Roosevelt Blvd. Suite C-220  Falls Church, VA 22044

Again, we thank you for your sponsorship and are pleased to offer you this national advertisement              
opportunity for a fraction of the retail cost. If you have questions, please email us or call (202) 302-6703.

                                                           Sample Ad
Support instrumental music in the nation's schools and the
MTV/Hip Hop Generation.
This program is listed in the SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service) listings for
Syndicated Television Programs.
Advertising/ Broadband Show
A National Competition
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