Joe Lindner
One Man Band
Hi Everyone, my name is Joe Lindner, I am from Watertown, SD.  I am 30 years old,
married with 2 little girls. I enjoy music, martial arts, hunting, and my family. I
grew up with music- both my parents had a band and I learned early all about
music. I got my first drum set when I was 9 and had my first band (a 50's group
called The Shadows) at 12. I play the drums, guitar, bass, harmonica, saxophone,
clarinet, flute, and some piano.  

I have a band called Boogyman, and we play about 6 times a month.  Our band
consists of 3 different shows, an acoustic show, a 2 man multi instrument show,
and a 3 piece rock band. In my 2 man band I am the lead singer and I play drums
with my feet while playing other instruments.

You can see me on episodes 6, 9 and the semi-final episodes.  

I have played in about 10 different bands in the last 17 years.  I believe my biggest
talent, involving music, is my song writing ability.  I am currently recording in a
local studio where I write and perform all instruments and vocals and harmonies
myself.  You can check out my band Boogyman at  You
can check out My Space at where you can hear
one of my songs,
Parade of Games where I perform all instruments and vocals.

I spent a few years getting my black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  I like MMA (Mixed
Martial Arts).  In 2001, I was lucky enough to win the South Dakota State boxing
Championship in the heavy weight division and in the State Tae Kwon Do Black
belt adult heavy weight division. It was an honor to win those titles.  I now
currently have a 7/0 record in amateur boxing and I also teach a mixed martial
arts class.  

I have a 2 year degree in Band Instrument Repair and in Piano tuning. I give about
40 music lessons a week.  

I am very happy to be in the finals of America's Hot Musician. I hope you will
watch my episodes, and watch the finals on TV and vote for me Joe Lindner.  
Thanks very much,      Joe